Fine Fescue on Golf Courses

Fine fescues are part of golf's tradition

Fine Fescue for Golf Courses

From golf’s beginning, windswept fine fescue has defined the boundaries of a course, and when mowed closer, becomes a fairway, and at its very shortest makes ideal greens for premier courses ... old and new. So the grass that’s found favor as the low maintenance, shade tolerant ‘dunes grass’ on today’s top new courses has been there all along.

• Extremely low maintenance
• Irrigation economy
• Memorable links-look
• Low nitrogen requirement

Fescues are perfect for temperate and cooler regions, especially maritime and low mountainous climates. The leaves are medium green to blue green with a fine texture.

Fine fescue germinates quickly and establishes readily. It is often blended with bluegrass and ryegrass. It is the most shade tolerant of all turfgrasses. It prefers difficult soil conditions such as rocky, sandy, or clay situations.
Oregon Advantage
Oregon fine fescue seeds incorporate the latest genetic improvements in adaptability, pest and disease resistance. By law, every seed bag, box or package must carry an analysis tag stating purity, percent germination and orgin of the seed.
It's in the Seed
Fine fescue seed is medium in size with about 400,000 seeds per pound. germination is rapid (five to twelve days) and seedlings establish quickly. Fine fescues mix well with other species of cool season grasses.