Oregon Grown Chewings and Creeping Red Fescue

• Think green with environmentally friendly fine fescues!

• Extremely low maintenance

• Shade and drought tolerant

• Low nitrogen requirement

• Ideal for home lawns, parks, roadsides and golf courses


About us

The Oregon Fine Fescue Commission is an industry-funded agency that operates under the auspices of the Oregon Department of Agriculture's Commodity Commission Program. The Commission's purpose is to generate awareness and create a demand for Origin: Oregon Chewings and creeping red fescue for homeowners, lawn care service operators, golf course superintendents and parks managers.

Chewings (Festuca rubra L. subsp. trichophylla Gaud.) and creeping red (Festuca rubra L. subsp. commutata Gaud.) fine fescues are cool-season turfgrasses that are inherently low maintenance, shade and drought tolerant. These fine fescues typically require less water, sunlight and fertilizer than other cool-season species. Fine fescues may be mowed at varying heights down to one-fourth inch for golf course putting greens. Fine fescues may be used as a monostand, blended with other fine-leafed fescues, or mixed one-third each with perennial ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass for a luxurious, widely adapted wear- and cold tolerant turf.

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